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Gros Morne Picturesque Picnics

Gros Morne National Park has been listed as a UNECSO World Heritage Site for not only its amazing geological features but also, its raw natural beauty. To help you enjoy this amazing place we’ve put together some amazing combinations to help you create the ultimate picnic experience. From a romantic day with a loved one, a family day at the beach or, an adventurous day on top of Gros Morne Mountain we have you covered!

As our sustainable promise states, everything we offer is as local as possible and is always ethically sourced! Any produce we buy is from places like Gros Morne Farm and Market, our seafood is caught right off the shores of Gros Morne and our meats are all sourced from local butchers. The salads, trail mix, granola bars and baked goods are made in house or sourced from a bakery here in Norris Point. Also, our zero plastic waste policies ensure any throw away material on our picnics is minimal and biodegradable. Check out our picnic packages below or build your own!

Picnic pickups will be from Gros Morne Inn located in Shoal Brook just outside of Woody Point (1Old Trout River Road). Orders are available 7 days a week and can be ordered in advance or on-site.
Pickup times must be between 8am and 4pm. 


The Hikers Picnic

This picnic is designed for hikers going on a full day adventure. Your picnic features a variety of fruit and high protein snack options as well as, carefully designed sandwiches that can keep our energy high for the day. 
This picnic comes in a metal bento box style container to make sure they are light weight and take up minimal space in your pack. If you need a small day pack or water bottle let us know and we’ll hook you up!

Picnic includes 4 snacks (2pp), 2 signature sandwiches and 2 locally baked sweets.

Click on the fork and knife below to check out your options!

Gourmet Picnic for Two

Every where you look in this National Park you can see perfect places to relax with friends or the one you love. We set you up with the perfect romantic, gourmet-style picnic, give you a small map highlighting our best-of places to go then, set you free! Our picnic comes in a beautiful wicker basket with a large waterproof blanket and lots of delicious treats. If you’d like to hike a little deeper in the park with this gourmet style treat then let us know and we’ll set you up with a picnic backpack instead.

Picnic includes large wicker style picnic basket (or backpack), 1 large waterproof blanket (not included with backpack hiking option), 1 shareable snack, 2 salads, 2 signature sandwiches, 2
specialty drinks and signature chocolates.

Click on the fork and knife below to check out your options!

Build Your Own Picnic

Do you have a larger group or, are you a person that likes to create your own picnic based on what you’d like with your group or partner? Well we have a picnic for that too! We can offer you great advice on the best places to picnic in Gros Morne National Park then the rest is up to you. Choose a simple gourmet-style charcuterie board with meats from Chinched and Bombers Butcher or book a full gourmet picnic with delicious sandwiches, lobster rolls, salads and locally-made sweets like partridgeberry cupcakes! Taste of Gros Morne lets you order as much or as little as you want including the style of picnic basket we'll pack it in.

Price varies based on your selected items 

Click on the fork and knife below to check out your options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some burning questions? Well that's OK, you're not the first! To help you one step further, we've put some FAQs below. If after running through these you still want to chat then send us an email. We'll help you with any question you may have before ordering a picnic with us! 

  1. What are the cost of your picnics?

    1. This is actually written above in each of our offers. The Build Your Own Picnic doesn't have a price because it's based on the items you order.

  2. How do I order and what type of food can I choose from?

    1. By selecting one of the "Book Now" buttons above, you'll be sent to a calendar that tells you what types of picnics are available to book. Once you book then one of our team will send you the survey of item options to order in your picnic.​ 

  3. Does your picnic come with a blanket?

    1. Yes, our Gourmet Picnic for Two comes with a large waterproof picnic blanket and a softer one to lay out or wrap up in if you're cold. For a small rental fee, you can also have these blankets in your "Build Your Own Picnic".​ The Hikers Picnic does not as it's more to carry on a long hike and not recommended.

  4. Do you have Gluten-Free or Vegan options or can you cater to people with dietary restrictions?

    1. YES we are ready for anyone! There are gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options for all our offers including our shareable items, salads, ​gourmet sandwiches and even our sweets! So don't be shy and ask us how we can help you create your perfect picnic!

  5. Where are you located?

    1. We have two offices; one located in Norris Point and just outside Woody Point in Shoal Brook which is on the North and South side of Gros Morne National Park. This is also where you will need to pick up your picnic AND drop it off once you're finished. So please check where you will be staying as it's a GIANT national park!

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